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Steamboat Springs OktoberWest Steamboat Springs OktoberWest
Publication Date: September 11, 2010

In Steamboat Springs humans are ever adapting beings – beings that must constantly maintain fitness, while appropriately adjusting fat content as is appropriate for the weather of the season. In the summer months it is only proper to carry muscle, for any added fatty weight when biking, climbing, hiking, or what do you, is only a hindrance that forever governs maximum stamina to remain below that of the rest. While endurance and strength must be omnipresent in the body of a mountain-dweller, the winter months are bound to freeze muscles that aren’t insulated with a thin, comfortable layer of fat. The transition from winter to summer is a considerably more grueling procedure, which is achieved in large by shelving the cheeses, wine, and beer that together emit more winter charm than a wood-burning stove.  That is why, when we finally tell guilt to bug off at the time we hear a rumble of engines in the hangar that stores snow, Steamboat Springs holds a beer swilling, BBQ munching festival to promote the flight of the fat-acquiring season. 

Unlike traditional Oktoberfest events, Steamboat’s take – OktoberWest – supports solely the food and beverage manufactures of the Rocky Mountains. Drink beer brewed from headwaters – water so pure and fresh, no elk could have yet contributed a splash from the contents of its sump. Eat local, drink local, visit Steamboat from September 17th-19th – and it will make all the difference.

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